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Kieran Ayton

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library 404
Kieran Ayton is the Electronic Resources and Technology Librarian at Rhode Island College. He manages all online library resources, including the library website, the integrated library system and electronic resources to enhance discovery and access. He is also the library liaison to the School of Education and ESL programs.

Kieran received his undergraduate degree from Rhode Island College and a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Simmons University.
He served as the Rhode Island Library Association (RILA) President from 2017-19. During his tenure as RILA President, he worked with the RI library community and the RILA Board to create a 5 year strategic plan. He also worked to integrate several external library organizations, including Cornucopia of RI and the School Librarians of RI into RILA as official RILA Sections.

Kieran's personal interests include yoga, Qi Gong, and energy work, such as Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy.

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