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HPE 303 - Research in Community and Public Health

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Literature Review Overview

  • Integrate information from peer-reviewed research papers that provides information on the health problem and potential evidence-based solutions..

Literature Review (An "A" paper will integrate information from all the journal articles you cite - integrate multiple articles to make each point).

  • For the community health problem you are researching, locate and read 5 or more professional (peer-reviewed) research articles from scholarly journals.
  • Consider the following when reading your article: 
    • What were the author(s) studying and why?
    • What did the author(s) expect to find?
    • Who/how many participants were included in the study?
    • How did the author(s) measure what they were studying?
    • What were the author(s) comparing, measuring, or correlating?  Look over the tables and figures presented to get some sense of whether the results supported the hypotheses.
    • Did the results support or fail to support hypotheses of the author(s). 
    • What were the author(s) conclusions?  What are your own?  (You need not agree with the authors[s]).
    • What limitations of the research did the author(s) provide?  What are some of your own?  (You need not agree with the authors[s]).
    • What ideas for future were presented by the author(s)?  What are some of your own?
  • In your final paragraph, summarize the key information from your articles.