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Subjects: Nursing & Health

Nursing Informatics and related journals

Journals which include articles related to Nursing Informatics are indexed in both CINAHL and PUBMED. 

FYI - The journal titles in CINAHL with the most articles (number indicated)  related to Nursing Informatics  for the years 2007-17

CIN: computers, informatics, nursing     80

Online journal of nursing informatics      71

Caring newsletter       65

ANIA-Caring newsletter    61

Studies in health technology & informatics        49

Nursing management      32

Nursing outlook    19

Nursing administration quarterly    18

Nursing leadership     16

Nursing    15

Journal of nursing education      10

Nursing economic$      10

Online journal of issues in nursing     1

(We have full text access to some of these titles. Articles can also be  retrieved  through Interlibrary Loan)



Nursing and Health Informatics-specific journals through Adams Library.

The journal title links below should find the full text holdings either in the Adams Library's collection or on the web - perhaps in PUBMED or at a publisher's webpage

Applied Clinical Informatics  Coverage:  2009-12 months ago; vol:1-12 months ago

CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing  Coverage: 2002-03-01-present; vol: 20-present

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making  Coverage: 2001-present

Electronic Journal of Health Informatics (AUS)  Coverage: 2006-present

Genomics and Informatics (Korea)  Coverage: 2012-present; volume: 10-present

Health Informatics Journal  Coverage: 1999-03-01-present; vol:5-present

Healthcare Informatics Research   Coverage: 2010-present; vol:16-present

Informatics for Health & Social Care  Coverage:  2008-03-01-18 months ago

Informatics in Primary Care  Coverage: 2012-present

JMIR Medical Informatics    Coverage: 2013-present

Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics. (formerly Informatics in Primary Care)  Coverage: 2013-present

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association  Coverage: 1994-present

Online Journal of Public Health Informatics   Coverage: 2009-present

Online Journal of Nursing Informatics  Coverage: 1997-present

Current Yearbook of Medical Informatics (2016)

Yearbook of Medical Informatics   Coverage: 2014 & 2015