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HIST 282 - The Great War / Schneider, Joanne

Tools and research strategies for finding resources on the Great War
Subjects: History Tags: first world war, the great war, world war i, wwi

Government Documents - selected online sources

Established in 1999 by John Woolley and Gerhard Peters, University of California, Santa Barbara. Proclamations and Executive Orders for the Wilson Administration will be particularly useful.
Created by the Library of Congress; includes digitized presidential material including photographs and political cartoons. See Taft (1909-1913) and Wilson (1913-1921)
Use ADVANCED Search with a beginning strategy of:
"World War I" (then do subsequent searches with synonyms, e.g. "Great War" , "First World War", etc.)
Then add other keywords as needed.  Be sure to examine the limiters in the left-hand frame, particularly "Refine By DATE"

Enhanced Parliamentary Papers on Ireland 1801 - 1922, or EPPI, represent a selection of catalogued and digitised British Parliamentary papers taken from the University of Southampton's unique Ford Collection of Official Publications. Funding was provided by the Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB).

Bibliographic records and searchable PDFs are now available for a large majority of the collection through the University of Southampton Library WebCat. No login is required. On the Advanced Searches page, we recommend a search strategy of typing 'EPPI' into the keywords plus any other search term(s).

For example: KW = "enhanced parliamentary papers" AND KW = war and PUBYEAR = 1914-1919


HIST 200 (Schneider) - EPPI search

Government Documents - print

  • Public papers of the presidents of the United States [RIC Public Papers Collection: J82]

RIC holdings are separately catalogued by president. Search HELIN for TITLE “Public papers of the president*” and choose the administration of interest. For other collections of presidential documents, see Government Documents online in this LibGuide

  • Congressional Record [microfilm 1873 -1935/36]  GovPubs X43 [43rd Congress] – X74 [74th Congress]
  • Diplomatic Correspondence between the United States and belligerent governments relating to neutral rights and commerce (1915-1917) [RIC Public Papers Collection JX1 .A7 (6 volumes)]
  • Papers Related to the Foreign Relations of the United States (1870 - 1931) [RIC Public Papers Collection JX233 .A3]
  • British Documents on Foreign Affairs -- reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print JX632 .B772 1989 (15 volumes - Paris Peace Conference)[;  [JX632 .B742 1986 (25 volumes - North America); JX1975.5 .G7B75 1992 (10 volumes - League of Nations)
  • Official German documents relating to the world war (2 vols) NOT at RIC [DS 505 .G55 1923 at PC, Wheaton]
  • Source Records of the Great War (7 volumes) : a comprehensive and readable source record of the world's great war, emphasizing the more important events, and presenting these as complete narratives in the actual words of the chief officials and most eminent leaders presenting documents from government archives and other authoritative sources, with outline narratives, indices, chronologies, and courses of reading on sociological movements and individual national activities. NOT at RIC [D521 H6 1930 at URI]