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HIST 282 - The Great War / Schneider, Joanne

Tools and research strategies for finding resources on the Great War
Subjects: History Tags: first world war, the great war, world war i, wwi

Scholarly/Professional vs. Popular Journals

Scholarly and Professional

Readership: other scholars & students in the field or the profession

Purpose: to inform, promote discussion, and/or report on original research or experimentation.


Readership: general public.


Articles are written by a scholar or researcher in the field.

Author may or may not be named; articles written by editorial staff or professional writers.

Always cite their sources. There is usually a summary or abstract at the beginning of the article and the credentials of the author.

Rarely cite sources.

Peer reviewed: articles are reviewed by scholars or researchers, in addition to the editor of the journal, before being published.

Not peer reviewed.

Language used is that of the discipline; requires prior knowledge.

Language is geared for a general audience; understandable for most readers.