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Open Textbooks


In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, and in support of OER adoption impact data collection, the college will be piloting a new form within PeopleSoft to collect teaching and learning materials across the institution.

Textbook and Teaching Material Reporting Team

PeopleSoft form creation and management - Management Information Services
Data collection - Academic Affairs
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance - Disability Services Center
Higher Education Opportunity Act Compliance - Library
Bookstore Contract and Data Coordination - Administration and Finance


Presented to College Council - December 14, 2018
Implemented Fall 2022 for Spring 2023 data

Reporting Textbooks & Teaching Materials

Using PeopleSoft, MIS has created a form faculty can use once a semester to report their course materials. This data will be shared to the bookstore for purchases, improve the accessibility work done by the Disability Services Center and create an enrollment report for open textbook use. Students will see the listed course materials during registration. Rather than report to each entity, faculty will be able to report once.

  • The Disability Services Center needs to know what students will be required to use early to convert or adapt the content to an accessible format for each student.
    • In the Strategic Action Plan for Web Accessibility report, submitted to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in April 2018, the college agreed to be more consistent and timely in in the communication of course materials in order to be ADA compliant.
  • The Library/Dragan Gill needs to report open textbook/OER use to report enrollment and estimated savings to the Governor’s Office of Innovation.
  • The bookstore needs to know what faculty will need for the upcoming semester early to purchase enough copies and have a better chance of purchasing used copies.

Converting and Adapting Textbooks for Students with Disabilities

Each semester Disability Services Center convert and adapt teaching materials for students with disabilities to meet individual accessibility needs. Some processes, including converting to specific types of braille, need to be done well in advance of the start of the semester. Because Disability Services has a list of students registered with them in PeopleSoft, this form will allow them to run the list against the teaching materials list, independently of faculty reporting to their office, to begin making materials accessible so that they are ready when they are needed in class.