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IDEA in Open Publishing

CCCOER Webinars about Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in OER

Equity and Inclusion Resources

Utilizing OER in Conjunction with Universal Design Principles to Support Students with Disabilities

Equity Through OER: A Blueprint and Rubric

Strategies for Assessing and Adapting OER for Inclusion: A Case Study

Social Justice and Anti-Racism Resources

Open for Antiracism: Using Open Education to Support Antiracist Teaching

Zoom In: A Faculty Panel on Creating Renewable Assignments Using Lambert's Social Justice Framework

Integrating Anti-racist Pedagogy into Your Classroom

Accessibility Resources

How to Create Engaging Open Educational Resources without Sacrificing Accessibility

Office Hours: Evaluating OER for Accessibility

Accessibility in Open Textbooks

Ethics and Care Resources

Care in the Open: A Framework for Practicing an Ethics of Care