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Open Textbooks

PAUSED - Textbook Adoption Stipend

This $200 stipend supports faculty in selecting an open textbook and reviewing and revising a course upon adoption.

Eligibility: Adjunct and Full-time Faculty

Requirements: A traditional textbook must be replaced with an open textbook or OER content. This a one-time stipend.

PAUSED - Professional Development Stipend

This $100 stipend supports faculty professional development in open textbooks.

Eligibility: Adjunct and Full-time Faculty

Requirements: 1. Attendance of a two-hour workshop led by librarian Dragan Gill or Open Education Network presenter. 2. A brief review of a textbook from the Open Textbook Library, to be posted on the OTL website, within six weeks of the workshop.

Faculty may receive one (1) of each stipend for a total of two (2) open textbook stipends.