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Open/Open-Enabled Pedagogy

Subjects: Open Access, Open Educational Resources & Open Textbooks Tags: oer, oer-enabled pedagogy, open, open collaboration, open educational resources, open pedagogy, open p
Subjects: Open Access, Open Educational Resources & Open Textbooks Tags: oer, oer-enabled pedagogy, open, open collaboration, open educational resources, open pedagogy, open practice, open praxis, open textbooks, open-enabled pedagogy

Introduction to Open Pedagogy Examples

Open pedagogy approaches include:

Student-designed assignments, assessments, learning outcomes, and projects
Student led creation, adaptation, or editing of textbooks or other content
Connected learning with scholars, communities, or publics such as Wikipedia editing, collaborative annotation, or curation. 

Explore this collection of a few notable examples.

Open Pedagogy Portal

Learners Constructing Knowledge as Textbook Authors

Learners as adapters

Learners revise an existing open textbook to create an adaptation tailored for instructional designers in David Wiley's graduate course for instructional designers.

Project Management for ID

  Overview(preso)     Overview(post)

Learners as creators

In a survey course taught by Robin DeRosa, learners authored a text with primary sources, language translations, and more. The final text was shared with open licenses.

Social Media Text

  Teacher POV        Student POV

Learners as creators

David Squires at Washington State University invited learners to create texts on social media with Scalar, which allowed creative non-linear storytelling.

Social Media Text

 Details               About Scalar

Learners as Contributors to the Knowledge Commons

Murder Madness and Mayhem

UBC class SPAN 312 co-authored wikipedia pages on Latin American Literature.

Murder, Madness, and Mayhem

 Reflection               Teacher Instructions

Newspapers on Wikipedia

This project aims to fill an important gap on Wikipedia: Several thousand local newspapers. 

Newspapers on Wikipedia

Project Overview

Women in STEM

Colorado College learners author 52 new biographies for women in a wide variety of STEM fields.

Women in STEM

Project Overview        News Coverage

Interdisciplinary Case Studies

Students and faculty across disciplines have created case studies on relevant real-world issues for learning. 


Project Overview        Teaching Guide

Learners Shaping and Directing their Learning

Learners as course designers

Students created all learning outcomes, assignments, course policies, and grading processes for first year seminar.


 Overview         Course Description

Learners as syllabus authors

Students enrolled in Amy Nelson's Contemporary Russia course were invited to co-create the syllabus and objectives.


 Overview       Additional Reading

Learners as assessors

Reflective blogs for authentic assessment and metacognition. Explore the process of what has been termed 'ungrading.'


 Teacher reflection       Ungrading

Learners as assessors

Rajiv Jhangiani had students write and review multiple choice questions on the course content of a Social Psychology class.  

Social Psychology

 Presentation            Blog Post

Learners as Active Participants through Open Pedagogy

Connecting with community: Local and global

At Montgomery College, faculty create assignments focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals, as students engage in service learning projects.

Murder, Madness, and Mayhem

 Descriptive Post               Resources & Assignments

Constructing timelines for understanding

Timeline made by ABE 75, Summer Quarter of 2017 at Tacoma Community College, timeline of African American Rights Movement 1950-1980.         


 Tips             Timeline JS

Dialog through collaborative annotation

Matthew Roberts,Grand Valley State University, assigned annotation of a supreme court case. Students posed questions and posted answers for this American Constitutional Foundations.  


 Overview            Hypothesis