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ECON 462: Seminar in Economics Research

Spring 2020
Subjects: Business and Economics

Business Liaison Librarian

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library Room 404

Shared Class Google Doc

Structure of an Economics Paper

  • Front page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction - overview of topic, motivation, and objectives and summary of how you will meet the objectives
  • Literature Review
  • Theory and Model (Method) - variables of interest, economic theories, proposed hypothesis
  • Data
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Empirical Methodology
  • Empirical Results/Findings
  • Discussion/Conclusion - your recommendations as an economist
  • Tables and figures (if any)
  • References

Research Report 1: Proposed Questions and Literature Review

Notepad and Pencil Clip ArtReport 1 should include and overview of your research topic; motivation; objectives which precisely state what you expect to accomplish in the research paper; a summary of your literature review which helps to research your topic.


Literature Review

Step 1: Find at Least 3 "Bible" journal articles - these are your core journal articles upon which you will base your research question.

Step 2: Find several very recent journal articles from last few years

Step 3: - you will use these very recent articles perform "reference tracing" in Google Scholar.

  • We will setup Google Scholar to connect into the RIC Library Databases so you can copy and past journal citations into it and download article PDFs.

Step 4: Find additional data sources to support your topic.