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ECON 462: Seminar in Economics Research

Spring 2020
Subjects: Business and Economics

Example Economics Journals

Core Economic Journals from the American Economics Association (AEJ)

  • American Economic Review
  • AER: Insights
  • AEJ: Applied Economics
  • AEJ: Economic Policy
  • AEJ: Macroeconomics
  • AEJ: Microeconomics
  • Journal of Economic Literature
  • Journal of Economic Perspectives

Economics Research Databases

Put a JEL Classification Code into EconLit database.  Use quotes around the JEL Descriptor Term.  Put SU before the quotes

JEL Classification Code in EconLit

Database Search Tips

Instead of typing in entire keywords like this:

farming economy keyword screenshot

You can use an * symbol at the base of the keyword to get more results

You will get articles that have the words "farm", "farming," "farms," and "economy", "economies", "economic," etc.

farm and econ with asterisk