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HIST 282 - The 1960s - Primary Source Research

Tools and strategy for locating primary sources on topics related to the United States in the 1960s
Subjects: History

Secondary Publication of 'Primary' Sources

Using secondary publications of primary documents is never preferred, but is sometimes all that is available to the undergraduate researcher in a reasonable amount of time (someday you may have the time to visit Bancroft Library at UCal/Berkeley to see the Free Speech Movement papers, but not likely this semester).  Note that searching the HELIN Catalog for subject headings that include the word "Sources" usually retrieves material that includes republished primary source documents, i.e.:

United States - History -- 1961 - 1969 -- Sources

United States - Politics and government -- 1945 - 1989 -- Sources

United States - Politics and government -- 1963 - 1969 -- Sources

United States - Social Conditions -- 1960 - 1980 - Sources

Finding Books in Adams Library

If the record for a book indicates it is AVAILABLE you can locate the book in the circulating collection of the Library. Not sure where it is in the building?  Use the Location Guides posted near the Reference Desk to check by the call number you found in the Library Catalog.

Books on United States history will generally have call numbers beginning with "E"  and be shelved on Level 1B.

Class E - American History


Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Plan ahead! Interlibrary loans often take 10 days to 2 weeks or more to arrive at RIC.

Remember: if you are using the "Check the RIC library" link from within a database and the initial "Finder" page shows that Adams Library does not have the article you seek, you can link directly to an Interlibrary Loan form, either on that page OR by returning to your citation in the database.

Library Catalogs