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NURS 266 - Health & Cultural Diversity / Kutenplon, Deborah

Search terms

Always consider the many words which are used to refer to one thing or phenomenon.   It is helpful to use a variety of terms in your searches to see which provides you with the best results. Terminology also changes with time and with attitudes but also with research and discovery. 

Here are some examples of words which express the same or similar concepts: 

  • Ritual, Practice, Belief, Custom ( and their plurals)
  • Holidays, Festivals
  • Bereavement, Grief,  Mourning
  • Hispanic, Latinas/Latinos, Chicana/Chicano, Mexican,Mexican American, Central Americans
  • Alzheimer's,  Dementia, Senility
  • Aged,  Elderly, Older Persons, Seniors
  • Mental Illness, Mental Health, Depression, Bipolar/manic depressive, Schizophrenia
  • Religion, Spirituality, Faith
  • Culture, Customs
  • African, West Africans, Congolese
  • Birth, Childbirth, Prenatal, Natality, Childbearing,
  • Child Rearing, Parents/Parenting, 
  • Etc!


Associate Professor, Reference/Instruction/Government Documents Librarian

Book and Other Resources

Search the Library catalog for books, e-books, encyclopedias, DVDs, streaming media, government documents, etc.

Reference Works ( Encyclopedias, dictionaries, e-reference collections, etc)

Search these collections for overviews of countries - people, government, geography, culture, religion, education, health & medicine,  etc.  

A few examples of books and e-books in our collection