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International Nongovernmental Organizations Studies (INGOS)

Getting Started

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This guide provides information and resources pertaining to the International Nongovernmental Organizations Studies (INGOS) program.

It was created with input from Robyn Linde, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of International Nongovernmental Organization Studies, at Rhode Island College. Please contact Amy Barlow, Reference Librarian, to suggest updates.

About INGOS at RIC

The INGOS program, created with the help of a US Department of Education Grant, has several objectives:

  1. to expose students to career choices and graduate school opportunities in internationally-oriented fields;
  2. to provide state-of-the-art learning facilities for students to connect with INGOs in southern New England and related business and heritage language communities; to promote international travel;
  3. to provide students with experiential learning opportunities;
  4. to inform immigrant and heritage language students of higher educational opportunities and to help them gain in-depth knowledge of their languages and culture;
  5. to deliver an integrated modern languages/area studies curriculum.

INGOS gratefully acknowledges support from the US Department of Education.