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FILM 219 - Methods of Film Analysis (Musicals)

This course emphasizes the reading and writing of film criticism. This guide focuses on tools and techniques that aid your discovery and incorporation of the literature of film criticism, both popular and scholarly, into your work for this course.
Subjects: Film Studies Tags: Film Musicals, Movie Musicals

Books in the General Collection - genre focused

Library Catalog

The Library Catalog

     A large body of critical material, as well as excellent background sources, are published in books and in collections of essays.  Here are some sample strategies based on the three large units into which the course is divided (some examples are live links and some are not):

AUTHORSHIP - searching the director as the Subject

       Demy, Jacques
       Demy, Jacques --criticism and interpretation


GENRE - searching film types or genres

     A few selected examples of Subject Headings which are film genres:
       Musical films
       Adventure films (of which Western films are a sub-type)
   Western films
       Fantasy films (of which Horror films are a sub-type)
   Horror films (of which Vampire films are a sub-type)
Vampire films
       Gangster films
           within which Mafia in motion pictures is a theme
NATIONAL CINEMA - using geographic subdivisions
 GENRE and NATIONAL CINEMA are sometimes combined in a single Subject Heading, for example:

Books in the General Collection - director / genre focused

Film Review Collections

v.1 (1907/1920) - v.24 (1995/1996)
REF PN 1995 .V34 1983
Film reviews originally published in Variety, the newspaper of the "entertainment" industry since a time before films could talk and recordings were still cylinders! If you wanted to know whether "Hix Nix Pix in Stix" before 1995, you had to read Variety. [Translation: unsophisticated rural audiences gave a poor reception to a film when it played in theaters outside major cities]


(1913 - 2000)
REF PN 1995 .N4
The New York Times - which is justly renowned for the writing of its arts and culture critics -  has been reviewing commercially released films since the days of the silents, both in short "initial release" reviews and often in subsequent analytical critiques.