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Social Work

This guide presents a selection of resources for students and practitioners in Social Work.
Subjects: Social Work

Scholarly/Professional vs. Popular Journals

Scholarly and Professional

Purpose is to inform and to report on original research or experimentation.


Aimed for the general public.


Articles are written by a scholar or researcher in the field.

Author may or may not be named; articles are written by editorial staff or professional writers.

Always cite their sources. There is usually a summary or abstract at the beginning of the article and the credentials of the author.

Rarely cite sources.

Peer reviewed: articles are reviewed by scholars or researchers before being published.

Not peer reviewed.

Language used is that of the discipline; requires prior knowledge.

Language is geared for a general audience and is understandable for most readers.




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Association Journals

Adams Library subscribes to journals published by the National Association of Social Workers and the Council for Social Work Education. These include

  • Social Work
  • Health and Social Work
  • Children and Schools
  • Social Work Research
  • Journal of Social Work Education

These journals are indexed in SocIndex with Full text and in that resource can be searched individually.  Note in this graphic the "JN" in the search box.  This technique limits the search to articles from that journal only. Depending on the topics and parameters of your research topic, this could be a useful approach