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Technology Lending

PC Laptops

To check availability, contact the Borrowing Services Desk at 401-456-8126.

RIC students, faculty, and staff can check out laptops from the Borrowing Services Desk. A valid RIC ID is required for laptop check outs with no exceptions.

  • Students, faculty, and staff must fill out a Technology and Equipment Loan Agreement form once an academic year (kept on file at the Borrowing Services Desk). 
  • Reserve laptops are equipped with Microsoft Office suite software and connect wirelessly to the Internet.
  • All personal info is wiped from the laptop upon restart (save all personal files to external flash or hard drives)
  • If the laptop is returned late, there is a $10 per day late fee.
  • If the laptop is not returned or is returned in damaged condition, you will be billed $1000 as a replacement fee.
  • For questions about Laptop Lending Policies, please contact the Borrowing Services Desk at 401-456-8126 or 401-456-8182. 

In-Building Laptops

  • 4 hour loan.
  • Can be renewed for an additional 4 hour loan if no one is waiting.
  • Late fees are $10 per hour.

Out-of-Building Laptops

  • 1 week loan.
  • Available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • While COVID-19 restrictions are in place at Rhode Island College, the following will apply to renewals of Adams Library technology loans:

    Up to 2 renewals will be allowed before technology items will be required to be returned.  After the 1st renewal is granted, the technology item may be subject to recall.  The patron's library account must remain current and in good standing in order to have renewals granted for technology items.  If overdue fines have accrued on the library patron's account, the overdue fines must be paid before anymore technology loan checkouts.

  • Late fees are $10 per day.