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FILM 219 - Methods of Film Analysis

This course emphasizes the reading and writing of film criticism. This guide focuses on tools and techniques that aid your discovery and incorporation of the literature of film criticism, both popular and scholarly, into your work for this course.
Subjects: Film Studies Tags: Film Criticism

Academic and Scholarly Journal Resources

The resources listed below are used to search for articles in  scholarly, academic and research journals.  Search by keywords, specific subject headings, words in titles, author names, etc. Complete citation information is provided for each article.  Full text of the articles will be available in most, though not all results.

Scholarly vs. Popular Journals

Scholarly vs. Popular Journals


Purpose is to inform and to report on original research or experimentation.


Aimed for the general public.


Articles are written by a scholar or researcher in the field.

Author may or may not be named; articles are written by editorial staff or professional writers.

Always cite their sources. There is usually a summary or abstract at the beginning of the article and the credentials of the author.

Rarely cite sources.

Peer reviewed: articles are reviewed by scholars or researchers before being published.

Not peer reviewed.

Language used is that of the discipline; requires prior knowledge.

Language is geared for a general audience and is understandable for most readers.



 Film Quarterly

Film Quarterly


Time Magazine


Communication & Mass Media Complete

Google Scholar