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FYS 100 - Critical Issues in American Education

Spring 2022

Emerging Technologies Librarian, Associate Professor

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library Room 404
Subjects: Education


How to Find Reliable News Sources for Background Article Fake News Image

For any 2 topics (completely your choice, but you cannot do this after the second day (Thursday) of a given topic) you will: 

Post on the “Things to Turn In” a link to a “recent” news article “from a reliable source” (we will discuss these terms in class), using the Headline as the subject line for your post. 

Come to class ready to share NOT MORE THAN 3 MINUTES about what the article adds to Tuesday’s discussion/debate.  Do not simply summarize, analyze!  Answer the “So What?” question. 



How to Find Websites and Apps for learning Support Systems 

  • Once during the semester you will: 
  • Choose a website or application that a college student would benefit from using.
  • Post under the Discussion Board a link to your site or app. 
  • Give a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation – other specifications provided in class - during which you explain why a college student would benefit from using this