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Dorcas International Institute Scrapbooks

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Donation to Special Collections

Materials from the International Institute of Rhode Island were donated to Special Collections at James P. Adams Library, Rhode Island College. The materials donated to Special Collections were honored by a donor agreement that was created in 1976. This agreement was between the International Institute of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College, where the International Institute allowed the materials to be archived and processed by the university. Many of the materials are catered to the history of Rhode Island, with topics surrounding immigration, cultural uplifting and other events that have had an impact on the ethnic community of Rhode Island. A majority of these materials are centered around of the International Ball, which is an annual ball that the International Institute plans every year. The primary focus of this guide will be on the materials found inside the 14 scrapbooks that were originally from the International Institute. The materials found in these scrapbook pertains to: 

  • Annual Reports
  • Newspapers
  • Correspondences
  • Photographs

Background Information 

Community Efforts by the Dorcas International Institute

Community Actions of the International Institute


The Dorcas International Institute has a strong presence in the Rhode Island community, as they are prominently invested in enriching the lives of ethnic cultures in the state. The video from the Coalition RadioPOTaxpayer YouTube Channel showcases the International Institute working to protect the rights of immigrants living in Rhode Island, as they play a pivotal role in providing for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Actions) recipients in the Rhode Island community. The institute looks to find the opportunity for families who are going through turmoil under the termination of the program.


The video from the Providence Journal provides a statement from Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza on the recent declaration on immigrants in the U.S. The International Institute is working with the state of Rhode Island to prevent ICE raids on immigrants, as the federal government will carry out mass arrests of immigrants. Immigrants can seek assistance with the International Institute to find comfort.

The video from the Providence Journal showcases the International Institute hosting a cultural performance from various cultural organizations in the Rhode Island community. By creating programs and events that center on cultural performances, the organization is able to reach out to the community and have a strong presence. This allows the International Institute to establish a relationship within all cultures in the Rhode Island community while welcoming new immigrants to the states.