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Study Rooms: Use Policy

Adams Library's Level 1A houses cubicle-style group study rooms available to RIC students. 

Depending on the room, maximum capacity is 4-6 people. Minimum capacity is 2 people, except for Room 6, which can be used by one person if needed.


Users not complying with the following policy will lose Study Room access for the remainder of the semester. 


Questions? Contact Borrowing Services.

Cancellations & Privileges

  • Bookings may be cancelled by the responsible person at any time before the start of the reservation.
  • Failing to check in within 15 minutes after the start time is considered a “no show” and may cause the reservation to be cancelled.
  • Repeated no shows, or failure to comply with other policies, will result in loss of study room access for the remainder of the semester.


  • Rooms are available to current RIC students.
  • Student ID is required to check out a key at the Borrowing Services desk on Level 3.
  • All communication regarding your reservation will be conducted via RIC email. (Sorry no text option at this time.)
  • You will be sent a confirmation email, which you have 30 minutes to complete before your reservations expires


  • All rooms must be reserved using the link above, and may be made up to two weeks in advance. 
  • Rooms can be reserved in 15-minute increments for up to 2 hours at a time. 
  • Groups can extend a reservation time if no one is waiting. Renewals are up to one hour at a time and can be made at the end of your reservation time by contacting the Borrowing Services desk on Level 3.
  • All rooms have electrical outlets.

Use of the Rooms

The person booking the room is the “responsible person" for the duration of the booking. The responsible person:

  • must remain a part of the group while the room is in use
  • must return the key to Borrowing Services when finished
  • is responsible for the condition of the room


All users must leave the room promptly at the end of their reserved time, and the responsible person should return the key to the Borrowing Services desk. 


Rooms should be left clean. If a room is left messy or damaged there may be fees assessed to the account of the responsible person. **If you find a problem when you enter a room, please call 401-456-9617 to alert library personnel. Otherwise you may be held responsible.**


Furniture cannot be moved into or out of the room.


Possessions left in the room will be subject to removal by library staff.