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SPED 427: Career and Transition Planning for Adolescent Learners

Subjects: Education Tags: special education

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Kieran Ayton
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Subjects: Education


Article Summary and Critique

You must summarize and critique an article from recent professional literature (within the last 10 years) on post-secondary transition (i.e., literature that is research-based and juried).

Your summary must include:

  • The title and author(s) of the article with appropriate APA 7th edition in-text citations and reference list citations
  • A brief description of the purpose of the article with your reason as to why you selected to review this article
  • A summary of research design (qualitative [grounded theory, phenomenological, ethnography, etc.] or quantitative [experimental, quasi-experimental, etc.])
  • Summary of study participants
  • Brief summary of findings

Your critique must include:

  • What was good about the article
  • What, if anything, was confusing; where there details missing or unclear?

Your reflection must include:

  • How the article may or may not influence or be useful to your professional practice and why

Submission must include copy of article and be in APA 7th Edition format. If you need support with APA formatting, you can click here to the Purdue Owl website.