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Social and political collections

Collections with an emphasis on social and political issues

These are collections of papers and publications with an emphasis and social and political issues in the Rhode Island College Special Collections. Please not this list may not be comprehensive. Please contact Special Collections for further information or questions you may have.


Alternative and Underground Press collection; 1916-2019 (bulk 1960-1998). MSS-0037. Publications from social and political groups relating to political controversies, extremism, and youth counter-culture.


Cape Verdean book collection. Books related to Cape Verde which have been given to RIC Special Collections by a variety of donors. Please note that this book collection encompasses more than social and political issues.


Carla Martin Cape Verdean book collection. Items in this book collection are related to the topic of Cabo Verdean culture, language, music, politics, history and literature. While not all books relate to politics or social issues, there may be some books of interest.


Michael DeCiantis papers; circa 1900-1980. MSS-0001. Papers of a Rhode Island lawyer and judge. A majority of the collection consists of information on Rhode Island politics, Rhode Island Family Court, and life in Rhode Island.


Irving Jay Fain papers; 1940-1974 (bulk 1959-1970). MSS-0003. Papers relating to Irving Jay Fain’s concern for and activities regarding housing, civil rights, poverty, and nutrition. The collection includes materials about the Rhode Island Fair Housing Law and the National Welfare Rights Organization.


Irving J. Fain book collection: Books that arrived in the Irving J. Fain papers and were removed. A majority of these relate to fair housing and civil rights.


Dorothy Hunt and James Williams Urban League records; 1940-1975 (bulk 1941-1959). MSS-0008. Papers documenting some of the programs and activities of the Urban League of Rhode Island, Inc. since its inception to 1959. Correspondence and newspaper articles regarding Black nurses and artists in Rhode Island are included. The collection also includes literature regarding the Poll Tax in the United States.


Dorothy Hunt and James Williams Urban League collection: Books and pamphlets that arrived with the Hunt Williams Urban League records donated by James Williams.


Dorothy Hunt records of the Mayor’s Recreation Advisory Committee; 1944-1954. MSS-0086. Records documenting the City of Providence’s Mayor’s Recreation Advisory Committee. This collection includes correspondence, reports, budgets, newspaper clippings and meeting minutes.


Dorothy Hunt records of the Mayor’s Recreation Advisory Committee collection: Books and pamphlets that arrived with this collection primarily related to recreation sites and parks.


International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1329 financial ledger; 1941. MSS-0095. Financial ledger tracking membership and dues for members of the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1329 in 1941.


James R. Langevin papers; 1997-2023. MSS-0087. The collection consists of papers relating to Congressman Langevin’s legislative efforts.


Scott Molloy Social and Political Materials collection; 1947-1991. MSS-0025. Political materials collected by Rhode Island College alumnus Scott Molloy. Includes letters, leaflets, newsletters, newspapers, and other printed materials created by various political groups.


Olive Parsons social and political collected materials; 1949-1980. MSS-0020. Olive Parsons’ collected documents as vice president in charge of correspondence for the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies, Inc.


Linda J. Sable collection; circa 1970-1988. MSS-0123. Collected publications relating to the LGBTQIA community.


Social and political book collection: Publications relating to social and political issues.


Social and political pamphlet collection: circa 1940-1998. MSS-0127. Singular publications relating to a variety of social and political issues.


Maurice and Vera Vendettuoli papers; 1964-1975 (bulk 1971-1975). MSS-0113. Papers of a couple who opposed desegregated busing and the Providence Desegregation Plan in the 1970s.


John C. Wahnon collection; undated, 1982-1984. MSS-0076. The collection consists of John C. Wahnon’s collected papers of political articles regarding the Portuguese Communist Party’s (PCP) and African Party for the Independence of Cape Verde (PAICV).


Women’s Studies Organization, Feminist United, of Rhode Island College v. Rhode Island College records; 2005-2007. MSS-0088. Records pertaining to the cause and outcome of a court case involving the Women’s Studies Organization, Feminist United, and Rhode Island College.