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HIST 107 - Multiple Voices: The United States in the World \ Kabala, James

Resources for researching U.S. relations during the Cold War
Subjects: History Tags: Cold War


Greetings! Use this guide to find sources for your Cold War research assignment in Professor Kabala's history course.


Topics covered here include:


  • Recognizing different types of sources including scholarship, popular publications, and primary documents.
  • Using appropriate tools for discovering Cold War history scholarship and primary sources.
  • Searching for published scholarship (articles and books) using the appropriate tools.
  • Accessing recommended books related to the Cold War era.
  • Citing sources using RefWorks and with help from online style guides. 
  • Scheduling a research help appointment with a librarian. 

Getting Started

Librarian for HIstory

I am the subject librarian for History. Please contact me for information about research and library services, and to schedule a research consultation.