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NURS: Graduate Nursing Advising & Orientation

Graduate Nursing Advising Forms


new students!  Please use the links at left to DOWNLOAD a copy of these forms prior to your remote advising appointment.  Your advisor will go over them in more detail:

  1. Recommended Course Sequence (for the program you are enrolling in; NOTE some programs have part- or full-time options)
  2. Course Descriptions (choose for your program)
  3. Course Offerings Grid (a listing of courses offered by semester)
  4. Plan of Study (for the program you are enrolling in)
  5. Student Attestation Form (all students must consent to the SON Academic Honesty Policy)

After your remote advising appointment, you will DIGITALLY SIGN* (see instructions below) the Plan of Study and Student Attestation forms and email them to your advisor.  Once all signatures are collected, you will then be matriculated and notified of next steps. If you have problems with these forms/documents, email: Ellen Morais 

Consult the College's Academic Calendar for important enrollment dates.

Recommended Course Sequences

Each graduate nursing program has a recommended sequence based on course offerings and prerequisite requirements.  Note that there are part-time and full-time options*.  Some programs are more rigid than others, particularly if you are attending full-time; therefore, we have created these course sequences to help you complete your program in the shortest time possible. 

*The Nurse Anesthesia program is only available full time; certificate programs only have one course plan but some certificates may have other options available that you can discuss with your advisor.  Some programs require enrolling in a summer course(s).

Master's Programs:

Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) Programs:

Course Descriptions

Download the appropriate course descriptions listing(s). Note that the MSN Course descriptions sheet INCLUDES: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, and Population/Public Health but EXCLUDES CGS programs (Nursing Care Management and Health Care Quality and Patient Safety) and the Nurse Anesthesia program.  See the separate course descriptions sheets for information pertaining to those programs.  There is also a separate course descriptions sheet for approved electives.

Course Offerings Grids

The course offerings grid lists all the available courses in your program for the indicated semesters and includes days of the week and time (where applicable).  Courses meet face to face except where denoted; however, always consult your syllabus/instructor.

Download the appropriate course listings grid. Note that the MSN Course Offerings sheet INCLUDES: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Practitioner, Population/Public Health and CGS programs (Nursing Care Management and Health Care Quality and Patient Safety) but EXCLUDES Nurse Anesthesia.  See the CRNA Course Descriptions grid for Nurse Anesthesia listings.


View the Course Bulletin for the most recent offerings.​

Plans of Study

image of formsPlease download and complete the top portion of the appropriate plan of study for the program you are enrolling in making sure to complete all fields including: your name, student ID#, complete address (include street, city, state & zip), and phone number.  Forms are PDF fillable, your signature can be added electronically or you can print/sign/scan/email to your advisor.  You must email as an attachment (not a picture embedded in an email).

Master's Programs:

Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) Programs:

Academic Honesty Attestation Form

All students enrolled in graduate nursing program course(s) must sign the Academic Honesty policy statement.  Please download the form below, read and digitally sign, attesting that you understand the policy and will comply.

RINEC Parking & Access Card Registration Forms