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U.S. Government Information Resources

Links to a rich array of government information websites, databases, agencies & departments and core statistical and historical documents and data.
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Location of Government Documents in Adams

The bulk of the government publications collection at Adams Library is shelved on the 2nd floor (the quiet study area). Many government documents have also been added to the Library's general collections. These documents are assigned standard call numbers appropriate to their subjects and to the collections in which they are found. Government publications found on the 2nd floor follow the SuDocs call number system. (see below)


Most government publications these days are also electronic. There will usually be a link within the library catalog record to the online version. Click on the titles below to view the HELIN record which shows the call number for the print and a "View Online" link.


If you need help finding a document, please feel free to contact the Adam's Library reference desk. 

The Superintendant of Documents Classification System

 Government Publications are cataloged in the library catalog and are classed according to the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) Classification System. The SuDocs call number system is based on the names of the issuing federal department. See the following charts and images for explanations of the SuDoc number structure. 

Class                       Dept/Agency

A Agriculture Department I29 National Park Service
A13. Forest Service I49 Fish and Wildlife Service
C Commerce Department I53 Bureau of Land Management
C3. Census Bureau J Justice Department
D Defense Department JU  Judiciary Department
E Energy Department L Labor Department
ED Education Department LC Library of Congress
GA  General Accounting Office NAS  National Aeronautics & Space Admin.
HE Heath and Human Services Department PREX

Executive Office of the President

I Interior Department S State Department
I19. U.S. Geological Survey  Y 4.  Congressional Committees


An Example of the SuDoc Number structure (from Boston College)

An Example of the SuDoc Number structure (from Boston College)