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GEND 201 - Feminist Inquiry / Okoomian, Janice

Go to the Source!

In Gender and Women's Studies research, primary sources are created by the person, group, or organization you are studying, or in some contexts in direct response to that person within their time. As you are studying contemporary activists one of the best ways you can get started is to find good examples of what your activist has said, written, created or done that you can use in answering the questions you must address in your presentation.

Ways to get started:

  • Go directly to their website - if this person performs and is involved with activism, do they have multiple sites? Take note of what they present in various spaces they present themselves in,
  • Find full videos, with transcripts, of their speeches, presentations or performances,
  • Find good-quality images of their art,
  • Look for full interviews - don't take single decontextualized quotes from unreliable sources!

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