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Art in the Library

The James P. Adams Library has several original works of art on permanent exhibit. This guide is intended to showcase the library's art collection and the artists whose works are on display.

About the Artist

Svetlana N. Kiseleva Sidorkina grew up in the city of Novosibirsk, Western Siberia.  She has a degree in History from the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and a Master of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Her art has been exhibited in several states and internationally.  She has been the recipient of grants and won a juried exhibition. 

Mrs. Sidorkina has worked with a variety of media throughout her carreer including: oil, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, and both fiber and digital art.  She has published illustrations for poetry and children's books, magazines and film in Russia and the United States in addition to teaching art in various schools and universities.

Her current installation on display in Adams Library (September/October 2012), utilizes some of her recent prints, ceramic sculptures, fiber art, and collage to tell the story of her ancestors in a way that “recall[s] the animalistic visions of humans, pushed into our reality.”    The pieces are textural, begging to be touched, and evoke a sense of the ephemeral.  The majority of the works are purposely unframed creating the sense of a fading memory that will be gone tomorrow.

 Svetlana says of her art:

"I want my works to look like they are made by a human hand.  Perfection in art gives me the feeling of looking at a mechanically reproduced work, which always lacks the aura of the human touch.”

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In the mushroom world by Svetlana Sidorkina


“Working with threads amounts to tying pieces of life together.  In my work, I want to tie thigns together and tie all people -- here and there -- together, as I want my children to be around me, to tie them to myself and to my heritage."

In the mushroom world by Svetlana Sidorkina

Ceramic sculpture: wood, salt and soda kiln 

"I am interested in discovery of implicit artistic ideas though the process of making.  I do not approach material with a formed idea; it emerges from the intuitive work with each material.  In this sense, my art is not conceptual.  I see my works as living plants.  They become a part of the natural world as they grow and take shape. Making is not an implementation of a previously constructed plan; it is simply helping materials to take form."

Mythological images by Svetlana Sidorkina

Reilief, etching, collage

"These prints are traces of the Siberian world on my soul...These faces are of my ancestors, my people; these colors are those my eyes remember.  The primitive shapes and ornaments are the imprints of a rough, simple, and strikingly beautiful world"