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CEP 554: Research Methods in Applied Settings

Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian, Associate Professor

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library Room 404
Subjects: Education

Literature Searching Strategies for Mental Health

image of brain with mental health stickersDesign a research proposal in which you offer a specific testable hypothesis and design the methodology and analysis that you would use to test that hypothesis. 

  • Introduction (2-3 pages)
    • Introduce the problem/topic, importance of the topic.
    • Describe relevant scholarship, previous studies, findings, limitations, etc.
    • Explicitly state hypotheses/research questions in the proposed study.
  • Method (2-3 pages)
    • Participants: describe sampling procedures, sample size, participant characteristics.
    • Measures: describe the specific measures to be used for each variable.
    • Procedure: specify the research design; provide sufficient detail so that another researcher could read this section and replicate the procedure.
  • Results (Planned Analysis, 1-2 pages)
    • Describe the statistical analysis to be completed to examine each research question. How will you know if your hypothesis is supported/not supported?
    • Optional: Provide a sample Table or Figure related to your analysis.
  • References (include at least 10 peer-reviewed articles or books)
    • Use APA Style formatting.
    • Only include sources that were cited in your paper.
    • Provide the full reference for every source you cite in your paper.