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TESL Research Guide


Find review articles on your test (i.e. Star Literacy Assessment or WIDA ACCESS for ELLs)

TESL 551: Formal Test Evaluation Rubric


Possible points

Points earned

Test summary
A brief summary of the test – the format, the subject/ skills it assesses, the age/ grade level/ learning profile of students (e.g. all students, ELLs, students with special needs, etc.).


Synthesis of test
A synthesis of the results of 2-3 test reviews. Review the main outcomes of each test review, noting similarities and discrepancies between the reviews where relevant. 


A synthesis of several journal articles where the effectiveness of a test / assessment has been studied in an educational setting.  Note similarities and differences between how the two journal articles describe how the test / assessment has been studied and implemented in an educational setting.  What were the outcomes of the study?


Student evaluation of test
An evaluation of the testis given, incorporating experiences using it with students (if available), opinions on the types of questions, length of test, accessibility, etc.


Conclusion:  Student recommendations

Based on the synthesis of tests and observations, the following questions are answered: 1. Would you recommend this test be used in any capacity and 2. If so, in what capacity would you recommend educators use the results of the assessment? If not, what could be an alternative assessment?



Total  (All sources must be referenced correctly)