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ANTH 262 - Indigenous Rights and the Global Environment / Little, Peter

Selected sources and strategies for gathering information on indigenous peoples as the effect and are effected by global environmental issues
Subjects: Anthropology

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Suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings

Consider these suggested headings and keywords:

Native people
Tribes or tribal
Indigenous peoples

  • can be subdivided geographically, i.e. Africa, West or Brazil or Siberia
  • can be subdivided by concept, i.e. Ecology

Group Name
Terms can be regional in scope or specific to individual groups:

  • Aboriginal Australians
  • First Nations
  • Indians of Central America
    • more specific group name, i.e. Maya
  • Indians of Mexico
    • more specific group name, i.e. Tarahumara Indians
  • Indians of North America
    • more specific group names, i.e. Inuit or Navajo
  • Indians of South America

Economic development
    specific types as keywords, i.e. oil, gas, logging, mining
Governmental relations
Human rights
Land claims
Land tenure
Legal status
Political activity
Politics and government

Ancestral land
Conservation of natural resources
Environmental conditions
Environmental health
Environmental protection
Forest rights
Human beings - Effects of climate on
Human ecology
Indian reservations - Environmental aspects
Land exploitation
Land use
Natural resources
Nature - Effect of human beings on
Sustained (or sustainable) development
Waste products
Water conservation
Water rights

Consider combining a subject phrase like "land claims" or "economic development" with a people-related term like "First Nations" or "Indians of Central America."

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