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Library Lecture Series 2008 - 2009

The Library Lecture Series was conceived by Library Director Hedi BenAicha in Fall, 2008, and has continued to bring bright minds and interesting topics to the college community. Guide includes articles as featured in the library newsletters.

Film Research

Film Studies Professors Vincent Bohlinger, Joan Dagle and Kathryn Kalinak

Film Libraries/Archives and Film Research

Film Libraries/Archives and Film Research

 On Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Rhode Island College faculty Joan Dagle, Kathryn Kalinak, and Vincent Bohlinger presented lectures on their experience and research in film libraries/archives as part of the library’s lectures series.  Joan Dagle, Kathryn Kalinak, and Vincent Bohlinger are all members of the English Department and have vast experience in film research in different film libraries/archives around the world. The lectures included research done in film libraries/archives in the United States, Europe, and Russia.

The lectures covered the image of the “new woman” in early film, the reflection of political movements and images in Russian film, and the positive or sometimes challenging experience of doing research in film libraries/archives. Experiences in film libraries/archives around the world were presented with in depth antidotes of working with film archivists and librarians. In addition, the need for preservation of archived materials was discussed and how conditions in film libraries/archives are at times not the best for preservation of materials or easy use of the materials. The advent of digitization was discussed and how digitization has made it possible to preserve and allow wider access to archived materials in recent years. Digitization of archived materials can be very costly and can take a lot staff time to complete.  As materials age it is likely that digitization with play a key role in keeping these materials preserved for many generations to come.

 Brian Baker