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African American Women Composers - Exhibit

Undine Smith Moore

"Undine Smith Moore completed her bachelor's degree at Fisk University and her master's degree at Teacher's College, Columbia University in New York City. She taught at Virginia State College from 1927 to 1971, and began composing to meet the needs of its laboratory school chorus. In 1969 she was the co-founder of its Black Music Center. She toured widely in West Africa and the United States as guest conductor and clinician. She composed in a variety of genres but her choral works are best known." - Hildegard Publishing Company (Their mission is to make the works of women classical composers, particularly Black women composers, more accessible to performers and the listening public.)


For a full list of her work, click HERE


Undine Smith Moore is displayed in Case 2, Adams Library Level 3.

Compositions & Further Readings via RIC

 Undine Smith Moore -- 
An interview 
from The choral journal 
by Kirke Mechem
In Source Readings in American Music
  Adams Library eBook =