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SED 201: Introduction to Lesson Planning

Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian, Associate Professor

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library 404
Subjects: Education

Evaluating Lesson Plans

  • Lesson plan imageDoes the lesson seem well-constructed, with an intro, a closing, and a logical order?
  • Who wrote the lesson? I trust some sources more than others. Usually, universities, school districts, and professional organizations are good sources.
  • How will I assess this lesson? Are questions, HW assignments, and quizzes included?
  • Are there suggestions for differentiation or adapting the lesson for students with learning disabilities or other needs - multiple ways for students to do the activity?
  • Does the lesson reflect themes of diversity/equity/inclusion?
  • Is the information in the Lesson Plan accurate?

Find Lesson Plans on Google

You can find higher quality websites from the government and colleges / universities to get lesson plans online.

1. You can limit a GOOGLE search to just Government Websites by adding a this at the end of your search:

Google Search Screenshot


2. You can also do this to limit your GOOGLE search to college and university websites by adding this at the end of your search:

Google Search Screenshot