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About the Smolski Images

The Smolski slides is a Digital Commons gallery that will feature about 8000 digitized 35 mm. slides taken by Chet Smolski over a 40 year period together with the descriptive metadata.

The subject of the Smolski Images gallery is the urban fabric and geography of the United States and Europe together with images from the Near east and South America.

The image database is representative of the rich and varied visual content of the Library's Special Collections and was chosen for the Digital Commons because of its pedagogical value, and its potential to transform traditional urban history into a dynamic interaction of image, computer and text.

Smolski Images

Alvan Fisher’s 1818 painting shows how the Great Salt Cove dominated the Providence landscape in the early nineteenth-century. What is now College Hill is not yet developed in this image except for the area around North Main Street


River relocation in progress. Waterplace Park is being developed with its bridges (Exchange St., Francis St., and pedestrian walkways) built or under construction. Memorial Boulevard is for now a construction site. The Westin Hotel is being erected in the background.