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Special Collections

Cape Verdean collections

A repository for materials related to Cape Verde and its American connection. It includes books, newspapers, clippings, pamphlets, maps, photographs, and personal papers relating to Cape Verdean history and culture. It is especially strong in materials on Cape Verdean Americans.  

Personal Papers and Other Collections

Listed below are collections of personal papers and other materials within the Cape Verdean Collection.

Baxter (David) Papers -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0079

Collection includes 35mm slides from photographs taken by David Baxter of Cape Verde spanning from 1980 to 1989.




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Cardozo, (Antonio de Jesus) papers, circa 1920-1985. MSS-0080

Coombs (Eva) Papers -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0082

Clippings, articles and printed material​ on Cape Verdean history and culture collected by Eva Coombs (1924-2010). Coombs was born in New Bedford, MA to Alfred and Maria Pina. She lived in Philadelphia, PA for 35 years, where she worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

Gonsalves (Virginia Neves) Collection -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0084

Livramento (Joseph) Papers -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0060

Lopes (James) Papers -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0062

Collection includes postcards of Cape Verde.

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Martin (Carla) Collection on Cape Verdean Language and Culture, MSS-0074


Pereira (Alberto Torres) Papers -- Cape Verdean Collection, MSS-0067

Collection includes materials from the Cape Verdean Oral History Project, which began in 1972 under the auspices of the Rhode Island Department of State Library Services. It was the second program of its kind undertaken by the RIDSLS, and it was conducted by Alberto Torres Pereira, a Cape Verdean historian, linguist and writer.​

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da Graça and Soares family papers, 1901-1994. MSS-0072

One of the items in this collection is a handwritten cookbook by Eduardo da Graça, who emigrated from Cape Verde to the United States in 1925. He worked as a chef at the Minden Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, and his cookbook has been digitized.

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