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Open Books Open Minds - PYM: A Novel by Mat Johnson

The RIC Open Books--Open Minds common book for 2013/2014

Critical Race Theory

"Critical race theory is a movement and body of literature which evolved out of the critical legal studies movement in the US. Repairing the absence from critical legal studies of an analysis of how race and racialization are imbricated within legal doctrines and liberal legal frameworks was (and remains) a prime objective of critical race theory as it emerged in the 1980s and 1990s. Critical race theory offers analyses of the social and legal construction of race in a wide variety of contexts. Rather than taking ‘race’ as a given biological or natural category, critical race theorists take as their starting point the socially constructed nature of race. The ways in which law and legal apparatuses rely upon and further entrench socially constructed notions of race is a prime focus of critical race theory... "

Above image is a sign from the early to mid 1900's during segregation and reads : "Colored Served in Rear" 

Race in Literature

Whiteness Studies