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POL 308 - Current Political Controversy / Noh, Yuree

Sources and research tools for political science students
Subjects: Political Science Tags: current events, data, political science, political science journals

Gov Pubs @ Adams Library

The Adams Library Gov Pubs guide provides access to and information about United States government information resources. The majority of the linked resources are created by government departments and agencies, though a number of them are to non-governmental organizations. Over 160 links are provided.

US Government Documents and Data

This page provides a starting point for finding US government information. It lists resources for locating primary documents and data produced by the federal government including: search tools and catalogs, data sets and statistics, Google, and other government publication guides available at the Adams Library.

First, a few general strategies:

  • Look for general or legal news stories that might give clues to help identify and find the publication. 
  • Search the library catalog. See, "Search Tools and Catalogs"
  • Search the Government Printing Office (GPO) Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. See, "Search Tools and Catalogs"
  • Search the Internet. Use Google to limit the domain to .gov by adding "" to your search. See, "Using Google"
  • Search the website of the issuing body. For example, check out this list of Federal Agencies.
  • Ask for help!

Covers of US Government Publications via Flickr

Search Tools and Catalogs

Government Data Resources

Government Domain Searching in Google

google screenshot