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Marketing 333 - Fall 2022

Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian, Associate Professor

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Kieran Ayton
Adams Library Room 404
Subjects: Education

Create a Survey to::

Students GraphicMeasure students’ attitudes toward online education as opposed to in person.


Look up articles, reports, etc. that have been published on online education as opposed to in person education


Look at strategies to construct effective survey questions

  • Define the survey purpose
  • ask direct questions
  • avoid leading and biased questions
  • use response scales


Keep track of survey questions and compare/contrast

Example Survey Questions from the past

Topics discussed in this previous survey:

  • instruction format
  • need for internet access, tech equipment, student's own tech skills
  • online tools listed in course ( Blackboard, Zoom, etc)
  • synchronous vs asynchronous instruction
  • IT / tech support
  • taking another course post-pandemic
  • student's history taking online courses
  • reasonable accommodations and does the student have a registered disability?