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HPE 419 and 500

Project Rationale for HPE 500

Community Health Image


  • The purpose of this assignment is to apply your research skills to collect information regarding your specific health topic, and write it in a clear and audience-appropriate way, in order to advocate for the need for health education and health promotion in your community, school, work, or any other setting.

  • Identify an unmet need: a gap in existing programs or efforts in addressing the problem.  The key is to ensure that your information and the evidence you present in the introduction /background naturally leads to the "gap" or the "need" which will then determine the goal/objectives.


  • Present your case using evidence from the peer-reviewed research and scientific literature, and connecting this evidence to specific priorities.  For example, the impact of this health issue on academic achievement, or absenteeism; and/or on short  and long-term physical and mental health.  Write a critical summary or framework of recommendations/guidelines on a health topic.
  • Throughout the rationale, recent evidence-based sources need to be referenced. You must provide and cite evidence (APA style) from at least

    • 4 scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles published during or after 2011, and

    • 4 data sources, like the BRFSS, YRBSS or local CHNAs. Please try to find data within the past 5 years, or as recent as possible.

Writing a Good Research Question