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Open Books Open Minds - Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

The Open Books--Open Minds book of the year 2018/19

EXIT WEST by Mohsin Hamid



a novel

by Mohsin Hamid



Open Books--Open Minds Common Book

"From the internationally bestselling author of The Reluctant Fundamentalist and How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, a love story that unfolds in a world being irrevocably transformed by migration. In a country teetering on the brink of civil war, two young people meet--sensual, fiercely independent Nadia and gentle, restrained Saeed. They embark on a furtive love affair, thrust into premature intimacy by the unrest roiling their city. When it explodes, turning familiar streets into a patchwork of checkpoints and bomb blasts, they begin to hear whispers about doors--doors that can whisk people far away, if perilously and for a price. As violence and the threat of violence escalate, Nadia and Saeed decide that they no longer have a choice. Leaving their homeland and their old lives behind, they find a door and step through. Exit West is an epic compressed into a slender page-turner--both completely of our time and for all time, Mohsin Hamid's most ambitious and electrifying novel yet"-- The Publisher.

Awards & Recognition

... and shortlisted for: the British Science Fiction Association Award, the LA Times Book Prize, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Brooklyn Public Library Literary Prize, the Kirkus Prize, and the Man Booker Prize. 

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