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Library Resources & Services to Support Distance Education

Cell Phone Hotspots

Announcement from Governor Raimondo 3/30/2020:

“We know that not every student has access to WiFi at home, and we've been working nonstop to find solutions. Today, I’m announcing that all households that have a smart phone with a WiFi hot spot feature and have cell phone service from the four most common providers - Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile - in our state will now be able to activate that hot spot feature for free. There will be no activation fee, no usage fee, and no overage fee. You can turn on the hot spot and use it without charge until May 13. We are so thankful to these companies for providing this service to our students.

We’re asking families that have WiFi in their home to not use the hot spot feature. If everyone in the state converts their smart phones to a hot spot, we will all end up with very slow internet service. Please reserve this for families who don’t have the internet in their home.

Even with Rhode Islanders getting free hot spots available through their cell phone plans, we know that won’t solve the problem for everyone. We want to thank Cox for partnering with us to close this gap. Cox is offering 2 free months of internet access & $10/month after that for qualifying low income families. For those who don't qualify but are in Cox's service area, the company is offering one free month of internet. Interested families can contact their school districts.”

COX Wifi Hotspots

Cox Communications is boosting bandwidth and making public Wifi hotspots free to use to anyone who needs it during the COVID-19 outbreak. You do not need to be a regular Cox customer to do this. Simply create a username, log-in, and surf the web from any one of the wireless hotspots located around Providence.