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Congressional Proceedings and Debates

Congressional Proceedings and Debates 1789-

Congressional Proceedings and Debates from the Library of Congress

"Beginning with the Continental Congress in 1774, America's national legislative bodies have kept records of their proceedings. These documents record American history in the words of those who built our government.  A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation* brings together in an online format, the records and acts of Congress from the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention through the 43rd Congress, including the first three volumes of the Congressional Record, 1873-75."

Annals of Congress (1789-1824)                    Register of Debates (1824-37)

         Congressional Globe (1833-73)                         Congressional Record (1873-75)**   

*from the Library of Congress' "American Memory "       **See next page for subsequent years of the Congressional Record

Congressional Globe from U North Texas

Congress numbers and their Dates

Sessions and dates of the 1st through 115th Congresses (1789-2018) 

Since 1934, the first session of a Congress convenes on January 3 of odd-numbered years and adjourns on January 3 the following odd-numbered year.