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Curriculum Corner @ Adams Library

The Curriculum Resource Center for preservice teachers at Rhode Island College

Curriculum Corner

The primary mission of the Curriculum Resources Center is to support preservice and in-service teacher education at Rhode Island College. To achieve this goal, the Center provides access to a diversified collection of current curriculum guides and instructional materials. The objective is to enable students and teachers to locate, review, and apply up-to-date materials in the development of lessons, instructional units, and curriculum guides.

The collection includes print, non-print and electronic resources used in American schools from pre-school through grade 12. The focus is on traditional and innovative methodologies, as reflected in guides and instructional material from local, state, and national sources.  Particular emphasis is placed on resources related to teacher education programs at Rhode Island College. Most resources circulate for review, evaluation and classroom application.

  • Children's Literature related to themes and topics in K-12 curriculum.
  • Juvenile Collection (children's fiction)
  • Curriculum guides which focus on classroom activities, lesson and unit plans, instructional resources, and other applied aspects of school curriculum.
  • Textbooks in pupil and teacher's editions with supportive materials
  • Kits (containing multi-media, DVDs and web based resources).
  • Visual Aids (art prints, charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, photos, and study prints) for pre-school and K-12 classrooms

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