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Open Books Open Minds - Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Open Books--Open Minds Book of the Year, 2017/2018

Finding Articles

When looking for articles on a popular topic, the most difficult part is usually in selecting from hundreds of articles to find the most useful ones for you. There are many ways to filter and sort the results of a search. There is an "Advanced Search" screen with many filters to choose from, but often a few simple limits are enough, as in the examples below.

Placing quotation marks around "between the world and me" guarantees results which have that exact phrase rather than simple each of the individual words.  Articles are automatically listed with the most relevant ones first, but that can be changed. If, for example, you were looking for the articles that came out when the book was first published, you can sort the results differently by changing "Relevance" to "Date Oldest."

image of database search results

In this next example, the "Select a field" boxes have been set so that the terms "racial profiling" and "criminal justice" must be found in subject terms, not just anywhere in the article description. Also, under "Refine Results," Peer Reviewed articles are specified, and only articles dated from 2007 to present are included.

image of database search results

Recommended Books