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WHO are we?: the sum of our data or some other person?

Friends, strangers, corporations, organizations, and shadowy online 'entities' all "REALLY wanna know" as much about you as possible. Often more than you would ever consciously reveal.

Privacy Manifesto

Six Word Privacy Manifesto

Note: This activity is a warm-up activity to stimulate thinking about values, beliefs and personal philsophy regarding privacy rights.  This would be a preliminary activity on the path to creating a more fully developed personal Privacy Manifesto.

Part 1:

Turn to your neighbor, introduce yourself. (Name, Department, Years at RIC) Talk about these questions together. Then move on to Part 2.

·         What about privacy rights interest you/concern you?

           Which personal, national, international privacy rights issues make you want to know more?

·         What surprises you about privacy rights in our national life and in the global society? Who has privacy rights... and who does not?

·         Are there issues that confuse, frustrate, or anger you? Where do you fit into the privacy rights conversation?

 Part 2:

A complete Privacy Rights Manifesto would likely be at least a complex paragraph if not longer. Today, given our time constraints, you will attempt  a six word "micro" manifesto, based on a Six Word  Short Story written by

Ernest Hemingway.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Your Turn – Using the materials provided, write a six word privacy rights manifesto.

Sharing with neighbors is encouraged.  Sharing with the group will be invited.