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Open Books Open Minds - Musicophilia : Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks

The RIC Open Books--Open Minds common book for 2014/2015

Linking Early Music Instruction & Cognitive Ability

Music and the Brain

More than 200 public schools have used MATB as part of their core curriculum since 1997.

Inspired by scientific and neurological research linking music and cognitive development, MATB is the experience of what research is now telling us; Music has a significant effect on the way our brains develop and function. When children receive sequential music instruction, it can impact their proficiency in language, reading, math and cognition.

The MATB program includes invaluable teacher training, piano books, keyboards, CDs, and rhythm cards. Music education resources are often lacking, and this comprehensive and sequential curriculum was designed for success in all levels (particularly K-6).  More than 55,000 students are receiving MATB instruction each academic year.

Music and Learning

Auditory Processing and Reading-related Skills