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FYS 100 - Sharks! (Prof. Merson)

A selection of information tools and strategies for Sharks! and beyond.....
Subjects: Biology, First Year Seminar

Electronic Reference Sources

The clearer a concept is in your mind, the more productive and efficient your search for information will be.  Consider using reference sources, particularly specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries, to obtain accurate definitions and descriptions for clarity.  Collections of reference works, such as Credo Reference, may make your search for definitions and background more efficient.


CredoCredo text


Library Catalog, HELIN & Beyond

Adams Library is a member of HELIN: the Higher Education Library Information Network, a group of 7 academic libraries which share their circulating resources as represented in the Library Catalog.

Almost any HELIN item found in the catalog which displays "Available" as a STATUS can be requested directly from any of the HELIN libraries using your RIC ID, as long as the 14-digit library barcode on the ID is active.  Not sure yours is active? Contact Circulation at 456-8126.

Just using SHARKS as a keyword in a Library Catalog search generated a result list with over one hundred records on it.  Limiting this search just to material at Adams Library left over 40 books and documents.  The tiny list shown below of books and other materials in Adams Library's own collections will give you a taste of the amazing variety of resources available to you.  Consider also using search terms related to SHARKS:

you would discover an even greater variety of materials.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries - Adams Library Level 3

Suggested Readings

Citing Sources

Consult the wise old OWL - for a variety of common citation styles -- but NOT for CSE (Council of Science Editors)!!  For simple CSE questions, try the Writing Center of the University of Wisconsin's guideOWL OWL - The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University - to get basic structural information for creating a citation list or bibliography using a particular citation style such as APA, MLA, or Turabian.