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FYS 100 - Mickey Mouse Monopoly (Prof. Zornado)

A selective resource guide to assist your research into Disney films, children's culture, and the Disneyfication of popular culture
Subjects: First Year Seminar Tags: animated films, children's culture, consumer culture, disney company, disney corporation, mickey mouse, popular culture, walt disney

Academic Search Complete - an example

Consider beginning by checking the Subject Terms list to get the most effective terms for searching.  A term actually assigned during indexing as a Subject Term should indicate one of the main ideas in the article.  Keywords can also be used, but are not necessarily a main concept in an article.

This example shows the use of two related Subject Terms in the first search box joined with a keyword in the second search box.

ASC - result screen

Other features, called "facets", which you see in the left-hand frame, can be used to further focus your initial search results, including:

limiting to only Academic Journals or only Magazines

(see the other subpage titled "Professional Journals" under the Finding Articles tab for distinguishing features of these two types of periodicals),

limiting by date of publication,

narrowing by adding additional subject terms - either chosen from the Subjects attached to the individual citations in the result list or from the Subject Term menu in the "facet" area

As you can see, some citations in the result set (about 80% of the material in Academic Search) have the full text of the article attached to the citation in the database.  Hoever, if the link "Check the RIC library for the item" appears, use it.  We have over 75 databases with embedded full text articles and this is the mechanism for discovering if your article is in one of them or physically in Adams Library in the Periodicals  or Microforms shelves.

Keep track of articles of interest by using the Add to Folder function.  The items in your Folder can be emailed, printed or saved. 

Subject Guide

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