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FYS 100 - Mickey Mouse Monopoly (Prof. Zornado)

A selective resource guide to assist your research into Disney films, children's culture, and the Disneyfication of popular culture
Subjects: First Year Seminar Tags: animated films, children's culture, consumer culture, disney company, disney corporation, mickey mouse, popular culture, walt disney

Does RIC own this journal?

To look for a specific periodical whose title you know (i.e. Time or Journal of Popular Culture) , click on the JOURNALS link on the Library home page. A search for the journal Popular Communication, for example, indicates what years (issues) are owned by Adams Library and in what format: print or electronic.

Use this technique when you are NOT in a database with periodical references.  When you are searching within a database, you should have access to a "Check the (RIC) Library for the Item" link to determine access to the publication.

Databases with Periodical Articles: newspapers, magazines, and academic journals

  • Discovering and gaining access to high-quality articles requires the use of an online index or database.  The three indexes selected for this list each specializes in a different type of periodical publication.  The articles indexed in each are not openly accessible on the Net. When Google or Bing finds such an article, someone is likely to ask for your credit card: don't let them have it!  Through the more than 75 online resources to which Adams Library subscribes, we provide you with access to expertly edited, fact-checked materials.
  • Before you search the databases below, make sure that you understand the concepts in your assignment.  Check for definitions and background information in reference sources such as Oxford Reference Online or Credo Reference. (See the Reference Sources tab of this guide).  Also, consider creating a list of any synonyms for those concepts to use as starting keywords in your search.
    • When you find a relevent citation, click on "Check the (RIC) library for the item. This opens another window which will indicate if the library has access to the newspaper, magazine, or journal and in what format (print or electronic). If the initial answer is "Sorry, no holdings were found," Option 1 will enable you to search for that journal in the HELIN Catalog - other libraries in HELIN may have the article you need.  Option 2 contains a link to "Request an article through document delivery" lower on the same page. REMEMBER: article requests require a MINIMUM of 10 days in-state, two weeks if out-of-state (not in HELIN).

    Citing Articles

    Consult the wise old  OWL OWL - The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University - to get basic structural information for creating a citation list or bibliography using a particular citation style such as APA, MLA, or Turabian.